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Scout's Honor


Director - Brian Knappenberger

Producers - Conor Fetting-Smith, Sabrina Parke & Clive Patterson

Executive Producers - Orlando Von Eisendeil & Brian Knappenberger

Runtime 94 min

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun Times

“It’s nauseating. It’s infuriating.”

Richard Roeper

The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast

“a blistering exposé”

Nick Schager

Survivors, whistleblowers and experts recount the Boy Scouts of America's decades long cover-up of sexual abuse cases and its heartbreaking impact.

'Scout’s Honor' reveals the true scale of a shocking child sex abuse scandal – and institutional cover-up – that is rocking America’s most beloved youth serving institution. Unbeknownst to the wider public, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has been a magnet for thousands of sex abusers. Since 1944, almost 8000 volunteers have been removed from the organisation for molesting a boy scout. The BSA knew about every last one of them.

For decades, its leaders kept a blacklist of every volunteer banned for child sexual abuse. They covered up this information ruthlessly; hiding the truth from volunteers, parents and the media; paying off victims for their silence and enabling known abusers to enter and re-enter the organisation, even after they had been convicted for molesting children.

The past is finally catching up with them. In 2019, a change in US law allowed victims of historical abuse to seek justice in court. The floodgates opened and the BSA declared bankruptcy in a fight for its own survival. 'Scout’s Honor' draws on heart-rending accounts from victims who are seeking justice after decades in silence, and lawyers and journalists who fought to expose the BSA in previous decades.