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Apollo Thirteen: Survival


Directed By Peter Middleton

Produced By Hugh Davies & Clive Patterson

Runtime 96 min



Official Selection

Screen Daily

Screen Daily

“A white-knuckle viewing experience”

Wendy Ide

In April 1970, NASA faced the greatest crisis in its history; three astronauts stranded halfway to the moon on a spacecraft that had suffered a catastrophic explosion. What unfolded over the next four days was a rescue mission like no other; a knife-edge, life-or-death drama, broadcast in real-time to the watching world.

'Apollo Thirteen: Survival’ is a visceral archive-led, cinematic re-telling of this iconic space story, brought to life with rare access to the complete recordings of the Apollo 13 mission, never-before-seen film from the NASA archives, alongside interviews with the crew, their families and members of ground control.

As the spacecraft haemorrhages critical power and oxygen supplies, our approach immerses the audience in the unfolding drama of the crisis; from inside the spaceship, at mission control and within the families' homes. What transpired was one of the great survival stories in human history. A triumph of ingenuity, teamwork and human resilience as the world watched. Waited. Held its collective breath.

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